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05:06pm 21/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts

about half the store is one sale for that last minute christmas shopping!
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NEW STUFF at my store!  
01:31pm 17/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
This Panda Purse (by request) and a lot more just as good! CHECK IT OUT! www.musashi.etsy.com
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My Newest Stuffs!  
02:01pm 13/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts

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01:37pm 12/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
The show went really well. In fact, we are continuing the show this weekend as well. Same times, same place. I sold almost half of my inventory, but all the other artists there agreed that my prices are way too low. It is hard to have confidence that something I make can sell for 90-100 dollars, but according to them I need to raise my prices to about that much for my nicer and bigger bags. I don't know. We will see. I have to admit that at the current prices, I only get about 1-2 dollars per hour profit. That is not so great, but $90 is a lot to spend on a bag. I don't want people to not buy my stuff because it is over priced. What to do? What to do?

This not having internet at home stuff is really getting on my nerves. I would like to post some photos of the craft show and my most recent stuff, but carrying my camera AND my computer to campus is a real pain. I will get around to it soon though, I promise.

What is up in y'all's lives these days? I feel like I have been out of LJ touch for too long!

Here is my display :):)

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last day of classes. woot woot!  
06:50pm 07/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
finally, the last day of classes has come. i am killing the last 15 minutes before i teach writing in this journal. tonight and all day tomorrow i will spend sewing a few final things for the show this weekend. i have reduced my prices from what they were, and have added new items as well. yesterday i made some super sweet drawstring backpacks for kids. they are soooo cute made from japanese cotton owl and turtle fabrics! i will post pictures soon. my inventory for this weekend right now adds up to 660 dollars. that is decent, though i was trying for 1000. i'll make a little more tomorrow, but i probably won't get more than 800. oh well. i'd be THRILLED if half of it sold. we shall see. this is a smaller show with only 6 crafters total. that is a good thing as far as me having the only fabric related stand there, and a bad thing because it won't draw as many people. i'm keeping my fingers crossed because i have committed to going on a trip to greece for 10 days in the beginning of march, and unless i make a whole lot with my sewing between now and then, there is no way i can afford that trip! YIKES.

anyways, pictures and stories of my weekend to come.
off to teach.
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Awesome Necklaces  
09:48am 05/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
Check out these two awesome necklaces I had special made with pictures of my grandmother (una-may). Melissa Santangelo is the name of the artist, and she makes really great stuff. Check out her Etsy site at verdigris.etsy.com

nona-lou rockin' it at the grad student center, but not for long because emily, a friend from colorado is in route to portugal with a 7 hour layover in newark, nj today. i am going to drive to newark (about a two hour drive) to get dinner with her at the airport. it's been too long since we have seen each other!
yay! exciting day awaits me.
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back in the swing of things  
10:02am 04/12/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
Hi Everyone,
It has been too long. I have been insanely busy since getting back from Rome. We had a fabulous time there. Good food, good people, good shopping, good art, GORGEOUS fabrics. what more could a girl ask for???

I haven't been sewing since I came back, partly because I have been lazy and partly because I have had way too much other stuff like grant applications to keep myself busy. This coming weekend is a craft show that I am participating in. I am one of six crafters, and the only one dealing with textiles at the show. It should be fun. I really like the lady who does the jewlery and invited me to sell there. If you are a Philadelphian, you must come check it out.

2006 Holiday Craft Show
Sat. Dec. 9- Sun. Dec. 10
11 am to 5 pm
547 North 20th St. (at Spring Garden)

Should be fun, and I will be making more this week in preparation for that and the last few items of my special orders, so keep your eyes posted for more neat MUSASHi stuffs soon!
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09:35am 21/11/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
off to ROME tomorrow. YAY! i'll be out of blogging contact for about 6 days, so I just wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! eat enough turkey and potatoes for me, since my thanksgiving dinner will most likely be pasta :):)
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07:25am 20/11/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
OK, so now for an update on how things went yesterday. When the gallery closed yesterday I had sold only one item (the larger tote with the leather straps and elephant button). I was a little disappointed that more didn't sell, because there were quite a few people who came, but Jocelyn told me that most people who come on the opening are there because they are collectors of the artists' work and they all come on the gallery opening day to buy a specific artist's work first. That makes sense, and my stuff will be up for another month, with another big open gallery day on December 2nd, so it is all good. I'm not too bummed about it.

One reason I am not too bummed is because I made some AMAZING contacts and got some great feedback on my work yesterday. I met one lady who makes fabulous jewlerey, who saw my work and talked to me for a long time and invited me to do two more shows!!!! One in the spring at the Mainline Art Center (a pretty well known gallery/workshop place in on the main line) and one at a studio with a store front that they do each Christmas on December 9th. That one will be me with a jeweler, a pottery person, a ceramics person, and a person who makes small statues or something like that. It will be cool because they get a lot of customers, I will be making more fun and funky stuff that is not as fancy as for this gallery, and I will have a total monopoly over the textiles! So, anyone who wants to buy a bag must buy it from me! YAY! She was a super nice woman too.

Other than her, a few people said some really nice things about my bags and I heard a few others exclaim how nice they are to each other, not knowing the creator was standing next to them :):) sneaky noni :):)

I got a few new signatures in my guest book, some people took business cards, and I got to interact with other people who run galleries and what not, so I feel it was totally worth all the effort! Now I have to get to sewing for the December 9th show because I'll be in Rome for 5 days and have a lot of other stuff to do. IT is sooooooooo hard to keep up!

Here is a picture of my stand, and the cool way I had displayed my business cards until I accidentally knocked them on the ground and this little soap stone statue that I loved burst into peices. so sad.

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one more quick thing  
10:26pm 19/11/2006
UNA-MAY crafts
really quick before hitting the sack... check out this handsome devil with a guilty look on his face. He knows he wasn't supposed to tear up that toy and leave its guts on the couch.


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