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UNA-MAY crafts
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Una May Laflamme (aka ZZ). My beloved grandmother. She immigrated to New Hampshire from Quebec in 1915 at the age of four and lived on a farm with her four sisters and parents. With no income, they had to live exclusively on what the farm could produce. I grew up hearing stories of her amazing life as a volunteer nurse during WWII, her dinners with Einstien, her amazing creative projects, and her immeasurable strength and love. I strive to be like her in everything I do, and just recently during my stay with my parents for one month in Buffalo, I decided it is time for me to learn the family tradition: sewing. ZZ's mother taught her to sew using fabric taken from the curtains in their home, ZZ taught my mom to sew and together they made all their own clothes, accessories, and doll clothes. This summer my mom taught me the same techniques, and gave me many of ZZ's sewing materials from the 1940's, and since then I have been faithfully sewing to my heart's content. Now, at 27 I am a sewing addict, and am dedicating my creative endeveaors to my hero: UNA-MAY. (February 22, 1911-February 19, 2001)